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Build the Hype with Flyers

You have a business. Why not get excited about it? Grand openings, new products, seasonal promotions, or even regular sales can be a great excuse to get your customer base excited about your business. Whatever the promotion, flyers are a great way to grab as many peoples\' attention as possible.


How Are Flyers Different from Brochures?

Many sources will say that the difference between flyers and brochures is that flyers are short-term, designed to grab attention, while brochures are long-term, designed to inform and engage. While this is often the case, it isn\'t entirely accurate. With the right design, each format can be effective for either purpose.

The difference is actually quite simple: Flyers are flat sheets, while brochures are folded.

For that reason, flyers tend to be a fair bit less expensive than brochures, they can still be produced using high-end stock, inks, and finishes.


When Should I Use Flyers?

When you need to get people jazzed! Since flyers are open-faced, they\'re a preferred medium for capturing an audience\'s attention at a glance, and drawing them into your business to learn more.

The typical design for a flyer will include a flashy graphic, an eye-catching headline, and a simple call-to-action, sticking to the \"less is more\" rule of thumb.

Flyers are perfect for limited-time events, such as concerts, seasonal sales, guest speakers, launch events, or when you don\'t need a reader to work through a lot of words to get the message. They can also be designed to include discount coupons and vouchers to make your offer even more enticing.


Ready to jump aboard the hype train?

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