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Creating one of a kind headwear to impress your customers or to fit any budget.

Embroidery is one of the most popular methods used to decorate headwear. All of our headwear is embroidered prior to cap assembly, which allows us to produce high quality custom caps.
Here are some of the most common types of finishing’s used in our custom program:
  • Regular Embroidery: Sometimes also known as flat embroidery, it is the most common embroidery. Thread is stitched to the fabric in the design of the required logo.
  • 3D Embroidery: The process of using foam between the fabric and the thread, to give the logo a 3D (raised) effect.
  • 3D & Regular Embroidery: Combinations of 3D & regular embroidery are possible.
  • Metallic Embroidery: Using a metallic thread as opposed to regular thread for regular or 3D embroidery. This thread is glossier and more ridged than regular thread.

Trying to fine tune your thread colours

Also check out out finishing styles


We’ve selected 12 styles that give you a broad range of selling opportunities.Each style is embroidered with an AJM logo that helps your client visualize their logo in its place. We also added secondary logos on 9 styles, allowing your clients to see different embroidery locations & ideas that are capable with domestic embroidery. Each style comes with a hangtag, displaying information as to: style #, fabric & logo stitch counts. 2022 AJM caps & toques.